Traveling the world alone: 5 reasons why I started a solo travel blog

A good place to travel alone and benefits of traveling alone – these are some of the two of my most searched and researched topics. Ever since I’ve braved out the time limit of a solo layover trip in London and trying to figure things out myself, I’ve gained the courage to do more solo travels. After several solo trips to places such as Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, and even Marrakech, I’ve gained confidence that I can share my stories, issues, and tips that I gathered throughout my travel experiences.

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Solo TravelKate LComment
Finally! Starting a solo travel blog

I decided to (finally!) become a travel blogger by launching my very own solo travel blog.  I will be sharing my thoughts about solo travel destinations, tips to travel alone, travel packing, why I travel solo, and many more.  My determination to become a travel blogger comes from being inspired by a great roster of the best travel bloggers, and they are the source of my strength in starting this wonderful journey in my life. 

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